VIP passenger driver training

Training - Seminars for Security Guides

Training of guides accompanying distinguished persons.
Drivers of money transfer vehicles.
Training of accompanying security teams in vehicles.
Training entrepreneurs on security issues and avoiding involvement in case of abduction.

The safety guide of vi p. It is the connecting link between the attendant and the attendant.
Because he is responsible for the life of the man who accompanies him and his colleagues.

Its purpose   is to properly train those who want to deal with escorts, but also to upgrade the current safety guides with their knowledge of safety and driving issues.

Our company is not only for those who deal with the subject but also for those who want to enrich their knowledge for the safety of their family. As the subjects taught are good to know. Some of them are:
Safe storage of the vehicle
Vehicle inspection for sabotage.
Proper driving position.
Defensive driving.
Aggressive driving.
Drawing routes.
Observation test (theory and practice)
Escape from the place of attack.
VIP itinerary analysis.
Case analysis.
Car forwarder.
Formations (theory and practice).
Pedestrian formations.
Driving a VIP car (theory and practice)
Arrivals (theory and practice)
Departures (theory and practice)
Avoidance Techniques.
Location on the roadside of a security vehicle.
VIP Driving