Release from the car

In cases where the driver is trapped inside the vehicle for any reason, whether it is an accident or sabotage, then he should act immediately and without panic to protect his life and the lives of those in the vehicle.

There are many types of entrapments, such as if the belt is blocked for any reason, even by sudden movement due to panic, if the doors or windows are blocked, and we can not get off immediately if something happens.

The degree of difficulty increases if the vehicle has fallen into the water or caught fire.

We will give some tips for release.

To emphasize that panic is the worst in these difficult cases.

There are many types of gadgets on the market that if they are genuine and know how to use them the person at risk will find them quite useful in a difficult and unexpected situation.

  • A particularly easy to use and small that can be placed in the car keys is the resqme,
  • There are also many types of crystal breaking hammers, some of which have a razor blade on the back to cut the seat belt.
  • All the above to emphasize that the driver must have them in a place easily accessible so that when he needs them he knows where he is to locate them in any situation.
  • It is also necessary to practice in a decommissioned vehicle that knows exactly how to use them.
  • As the other users of the vehicle must be informed about their existence as well as about their use.
  • Of course when the release has to be done when the vehicle is in the water then things are very difficult because everything has to be done very quickly before the cabin fills with water because then it will be too late.

When again the driver has not provided to be equipped with the above, then if he does not panic he will be able to break the window and not of course the windshield (windshield), with the head restraints if he takes them out of the seat or with the buckle out of the belt, with them of course you need enough extra power to achieve the desired result.

Manolis Gialitakis

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